The Story of ‘Cycle’

A kite, symbol of freedom, is flying in the sky; two children are busy in riding a bicycle on a roof attentively. An ordinary newly married woman is looking at them moving her eyes through from window as she observes them day by day; sometimes she enjoys their happiness and quarrel.

The woman is seeing the children from window to roof is in think, and maybe is imagining her early childhood passed over with or without riding bicycle, it is the symbolization of visual hallucination. Her past was colorful, not like the colorless present; that has been showed through the black and white screen. At noon she tries to read a book unwillingly because there is nothing to do in a lonely room. Suddenly she hears sounds of the bell and quickly goes to the window but she looks at a kite laid on the roof with two cracks. It is the causes of auditory hallucination. Limited freedom is being symbolized here.

After that, her husband will come home from work. That’s why; she becomes busy in making him up intently. Suddenly sadness surrounds her mind, compels him to throw all things from the dressing table. She could not understand why she has been dressed up till now. Again she came near at window and looks at a child who is played with bicycle then too. Her playmate-brother is absent. A question arises in her mind where he is. And she tries communicating to her firstly with hesitation. After coming home, her husband saw that his wife was exhibiting the little girls riding with absent mind on the outside of the window. Without delay, her husband closed the window and took her aside.